In an age of technology that is constantly evolving, endless opportunities and benefits have become available. If you were to tell someone 30 years ago that you can turn your lights on in your home by simply pressing a button on your phone, they would’ve thought you were either highly intoxicated or not right in the head. But today you’re not only able to turn those lights on but also lock the front door, see what’s in your fridge without ever opening it, or set the temperature in your bedroom… and you can even do it while you are clear across the world. The internet has truly changed the way we interact with our world, but the idea of personal convenience isn’t the only thing that the power of the internet is capable of. For years now, people have been making MONEY on this digital platform.

     Now, let’s go back again to 30 years ago, when the internet was still in its beginning stages. If you wanted to start a business, for selling products at least, most commonly you had a physical storefront. Sure, you had magazines that were selling products and even TV stations such as Home Shopping Network and QVC, but those also were in early stages of what they are today. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying that anything prior to the 1990’s was worse than it is now, but it was definitely different. Much like today, if you wanted to reach an audience, you had to advertise. The only difference is… your choices were limited. Billboards and magazine ads weren’t only expensive, but also only catered to a limited audience. Posting on a message board (a physical message board) also only gave you the ability to reach eyes that would walk past it. What happened to the small businesses that wanted to reach an audience on the other side of the world? In most cases, they were out of luck. Today on the other hand, I can post an ad on Facebook or work with Google and reach millions of eyes all across the world. The best part is that I wouldn’t even need to route them to a physical storefront, because my store itself is on the internet.

     MANY people today make purchases online. Whether it be on sites like Amazon, Ebay, or even one’s own personal website; your ability to sell your products have become available to anyone in the market. Now lets say you want to sell goods but don’t want to be the one making them… NO PROBLEM! Many people today have heard the term E-commerce but are unaware of what it is. If you went on Google and searched for it, it would come up saying: “commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet.”, but what does that mean? It is essentially what everyone of those people who make purchases online are doing. They are on the receiving end of E-commerce. The way you can make money though is to be on that other end of the transaction. Everyone has the ability to sell online. Many of you may have already done it using Ebay or some other resale site. The secret is, you DO NOT need Ebay or those other sites to make money. If you are passionate enough about selling, one of the greatest investments you can make is purchasing your own website and selling on there. Sure, you won’t be getting the same amount of potential customers as an already established site, but you’ll be cutting out a middleman. If E-commerce doesn’t get your brain buzzing then try this next one on for size.

     Have you ever gone to the bottom of a website page and noticed a link titled “Affiliates”? Not all company sites have them, but the ones that do can offer a huge opportunity to make money online for you. Affiliates essentially promote a product. Whether it be physical, digital, or even just an idea. One of the most common ways is by reviewing a product, and then posting a link to that said product. That link is connected to the affiliate. When you are an affiliate of Amazon, for example, your link will produce a “cookie” that Amazon can trace back to you. If someone ends up making a purchase on Amazon within a certain amount of time, Amazon will pay YOU for bringing that customer over to them. There are, however, drawbacks to this system. If the customer ends up buying beyond what the set time limit is (for Amazon I believe it’s 24 hours), you will not get a percentage of that sale. Also, in the event that the customer clicks on another affiliates link after clicking on yours, that affiliate will get the sale and not you. It almost always goes based on the most recent “cookie” found. Amazon is not the only company that does this. There are thousands, if not millions out there that offer an affiliate program. My best suggestion is to look up a company you already know about. It will make being their affiliate that much easier by already having background knowledge in the product or company you’re helping to sell.

     These are just a few of the many ways that you can start raking in the CASH on the internet. These are tried and true methods that are great for people starting out.

     I will continue posting different methods and ideas as time progresses so if you like my blog, feel free to follow it and follow me on social media. If you have any questions or suggestions for future posts let me know!
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