A co-worker and I were talking the other day… 

     He told me a story about a time he was going to get some work done on his car.  As usual, he went to the same place he had been going for years; somewhat of a “Mom & Pop” shop where they greet you by name the second that you walk in.  On this specific trip though, he pulled into the lot next to a guy who was getting into an older pickup truck. “The truck”, as my co-worker explained, “looked like a rusted piece of (you know what) and the guy was dressed in ripped blue jeans and a dirty t-shirt.”  Finding the sight of this guy funny, my co-worker just chuckled and proceeded into the garage.  When he stepped inside he joked with his mechanic, “looks like that guy needs a new truck!”  The mechanic smiled and said, “Yeah, but believe it or not, that guy right there is the wealthiest man in town.”   My co-worker couldn’t believe it, nor I when he told me the story!  Admit it, when we think about the wealthy, we typically think about: extravagant houses, fast sports cars, and clean dapper clothes.  Here is a guy who doesn’t match any of those descriptions.

     Now for the sake of privacy, I’m not going to disclose what town we are in. To get a rough idea, I can tell you that we have a population of over 72,000 people as of 2017, and have homes that range up to $10.5 million dollars.  With that said, this guy isn’t just some average Joe like me who happens to have a few extra bucks than the next guy.  This man most likely does what many of the middle and lower class never expected… he lives modest, he lives below his means.

     In almost all cases, wealth is about being practical:  It wont be the person who drives a BMW, but one that drives a Honda Accord;  It wont be the one who has the biggest house, but the one who has a house that meets their needs.   Last time I checked, a Cartier watch showed the exact same time as my $12 clearance watch I bought from the local convenience store- that is if my batteries still work.  So take this mysterious man in a pickup truck and learn from him.  Yeah, the nice things in life are nice, but then again so is the freedom of not having to live paycheck to paycheck.  Financially, you CAN succeed.  All you need is patience and discipline for your money.


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